Best Movie Streaming Platforms

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Senior Spotlight E3
January 13, 2022
There are a variety of movie streaming platforms to choose from.


There are a variety of movie streaming platforms to choose from.

   I know it’s been quite hard out there with the virus going around, but don’t let that steal away your joy. What if I told you there are new movie streams you can watch movies on?

     Disney+ was launched back on Nov 12, 2019. It has cool features on it as well. Marvel movies and series, Pixar movies and series, Star Wars and National Geographic are just a few of these great features. 

“I love throwing it back with the Lion King and the Aristocats,” Jahmal Rice (‘20) said. 

We all know about Netflix. Netflix is awesome and they have wonderful movies and series. Netflix was launched on Aug 29, 1997. Is it going to get outrun by the newest runed streams?

Some of the favorite movies students have watched so far was probably Miracle in Cell 7.

Hulu is also another well known movie streamed. It was launched on Oct 29, 2007.

 “It has most of the shows I like and the broadcast option of shows to watch (originals),” Chloe Gee (‘23) said.

 People watch more movie streams. HBO, Prime TV (Amazon) are examples of these. A Lot of people are changing to streams that are free. Tubi is a legal free movie stream. Tubi was launched on sept 25,2019. 

¨It has a lot of older movies that Netflix doesn’t and it’s free,” Omarion Wyatt (‘22) said. 

The movie streamers besides Tubi cost a lot of money. Netflix costs $12.99 (per month), up from $10.99. Hulu is very pricey if you go premium. However, $5.99 (per month) basic, $11.99 premium (per month) Basic + Live TV $54.99 (per month) and premium + Live Tv $60.99 (per month). 

HBO NOW is also pricey. $14.99 (per month). It’s free if you have a cable server. Disney+ cost $6.99 (Per month) or $69.99 (per year). 

Prime costs $12.99 (per month) or for a year, Prime costs $119. 

There’s lots of choices to choose from. You can also ask your parents about their childhood movies; you might like them.