Stimulus Checks Around the World

Anabelle Morris, Copy Editor

All around the world families are beginning to receive stimulus checks. A stimulus check is a check sent out by one’s country. Many countries are sending them out to help support citizens during this time of the outbreak. Even though several countries are sending stimulus checks, the method of choosing the amount to each citizen is different in each country. 

In the United States, the stimulus check amount is capped at $1,200. Why do some people receive less than this amount? The government has decided that if you have unpaid federally mandated dues, the owed amount will be taken out of the stimulus check. These dues include but are not limited to, child support, court dues, tax-related payments, and other related dues or payments. This stimulus check does not include the upped amount of unemployment funds. 

Australians receive a $1,500 AUD ($996.65 USD) check every two weeks. While Britain is giving out grants to unemployed workers. The grants cover eighty percent of the worker’s salary or average salary if the worker is paid hourly and are sent out once a month. The most one person may receive in this grant is £2,500, which equals about $3,084 United States currency. 

Canada provides citizens with $2,000 CAD ($1,433 USD) each month for up to four months. Denmark, however, will pay from 75 to 95 percent of a given employee’s salary monthly. The amount is capped at 26,000 Danish kroner ($3,288 USD). France will pay seventy percent of unemployed citizens gross salary once a month up to €6,927 ($7,575 USD). 

Germans will receive 67 percent of their net yearly wages that have been calculated to their average monthly earnings, once every month. The maximum is set at €6,700 ($7,326.78 USD). Ireland has promised to provide citizens with 70 percent of employee’s salaries once a week up to €410 ($448.36 USD). 

  The United States falls in the lower portion of the stimulus check amounts on the surface level. However, citizens who are unemployed or employed as long as they filed taxes receive a stimulus check. Those who are unemployed originally received about $300 a week, however, an additional $600 is being added on to the weekly amount. Moving the United States Stimulus/Unemployment care to the middle of the spectrum compared to other countries.

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