Grand Reopening

As states begin planning to slowly open, there are mixed opinions.


As states begin planning to slowly open, there are mixed opinions.

Aidan May, Writer

After many trying weeks and a huge economic downturn, the quarantine seems to be over. That is true, but only in some states who plan on reopening their states. States like Georgia claim to be prepared to reopen their state after the massive economic downturn. As the recent pandemic looks to be getting somewhat stable, experts are a little skeptical on the subject. Whether or not this is a good idea depends on where the information is coming from.

Many people in the United States have been stuck at home since late March. The stay at home orders that the states have issued, most end around the beginning of May. Some states are relaxing the restrictions such as Texas and Florida. While states like Georgia, you can get hair and nails done and movie theaters will start to reopen. By now many citizens and politicians think it’s time for a return to normalcy.  This is due to the fact that airborne viruses don’t spread easily in warmer weather. The thing is, scientists don’t know how the COVID-19 virus reacts to warm weather yet since it is a relatively new virus. It is annoying that people are still stuck at home. There is a debate on whether or not this experiment will work.

There is a common outcry among scientists and researchers alike, just stay home. Since right now testing is limited it can be difficult to contain any future spike in cases. Many governors still cautious about this are relaxing some restrictions on non essential businesses to help stimulate the downtrought economy. While other Governors are planning to only reopen some non essential businesses for safety reasons. These states follow a general pattern here because the outbreaks in their states aren’t the same everywhere else in the country.

Some states who have less money for testing are struggling to contain it. States like South Dakota and Ohio have seen massive spikes in cases, but they will open. Georgia has had close to 800 hundred deaths and it plans on reopening. The numbers do not lie here, yet many are focused on helping the economy. Researchers are suggesting the states extend the stay at home orders to help reduce the loss of life until steady testing is available. 

There are many different plans in the books. Either open up everything or open up in phases. Some states aren’t just going to open up at all and keep their stay at home orders. While nothing is set in stone at this point, it is starting to seem that way. It cannot exactly pinpoint the effects of opening up. The research does not seem to be on the bright side of things.