The Essential Workers of Wentzville

One of many essential workers helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.


One of many essential workers helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Adian Kline, Writer

Around the world right now many people are having to stay inside due to COVID-19. A lot of problems have arisen from things like education, money and trying to stay entertained. But probably one of the biggest problems with us have to change our lifestyle is jobs. Now, most people right now are out of a job and trying their best to survive during these times. As of now, around 22 million people have filed for unemployment because many areas having to close down. But for some people, they would rather be safe than working their jobs, but for some people that is not possible. As we are all locked inside, we still need people to keep working like mailmen, garbage truck drivers, supermarket workers and nurses. These are all examples of the essential jobs that people have to work to keep us moving.

In Wentzville, we have all gone to a grinding halt with our normal lives. You can see this by the bare roads and sometimes empty looking shopping areas. For most of us, we are staying inside and trying to distance ourselves as much as possible to stay safe from COVID-19. But for others in our community, it is not as easy. Some are still going out to do their job and risking their lives, which can cause a lot of trouble and cause change in a household.  Like for Travis Wimberly (‘22) whose mother is a worker for a medical hotline has to help out getting oxygen tanks and other supplies replaced. For Travis, life has changed a lot for him.

Because my parents are divorced, it actually has caused a huge problem. My mother, having increased risk, means I can’t go back to my father’s house because my brother is on immunosuppressants. So I’ve been stuck with making the call to leave and not come back until it’s over or not, “ Travis Wimberly (‘22) said.

Not only is it hard for Travis but his Mom too. 

“It’s been hard to go to work for fear of catching it, not to mention it’s frustrating that I could work from home, but because I work nights they won’t let me,” she said

Of course, a lot of people in the medical field have been working a more hours to stop to help stop COVID-19. But those are not the only other people still out working. We still have many people doing delivery service to help people stuck inside, like Emily Teismann’s (‘21) Dad, who is a dispatch supervisor for a expedited freight service. Being the dispatch supervisor, he has to make sure that his drivers are safe during this time.

Every morning, our drivers are required to take their temperature and log it in their electronic logs.  All of our driver’s trucks are stocked with masks, gloves, Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer.   Even while taking all these precautions, none of our drivers are not allowed in the office. They have a designated area where they can complete paperwork.,“  he said

Not only has it just been adults working, but some of our students, like Nicholas Chowning (‘21), who is working with his Dad’s HVAC business says it is just as hard for him as the adults.

“My Father owns an HVAC business and with everything going on I’ve been needed to help. This includes stocking, picking up supplies, going on installation jobs/ repairs, etc. This also has a negative effect in which I have found that my school work has been stacking up and haven’t found much free time to complete the assignments,”  Nicholas Chowning (‘21) said

These are only just some of the people in Wentzville still working to help out during quarantine and some people are showing their thanks in many ways. Some examples of people showing their support are putting teddy bears in their windows, doing car parades to honk their horn and sending group videos. There are many ways to show your appreciation to these workers even in the smallest of ways, so spread your thanks to the many workers of Wentzville.

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