Celebrating Earth Day

Emily Teismann, Copy Editor

     Over the last week, two events occurred, both of which on April 22nd (Wednesday); one being my 17th birthday (yay!) and the second (the one you probably guessed) being Earth day. You’re probably wondering ‘why celebrate? It’s been 5 days since.’ or ‘how on earth (pun not intended) do I celebrate Earth Day in quarantine? And if you have seasonal allergies like I do, you must be really stumped. Well, have no fear. I have some information that may answer some of your burning questions on this mind boggling matter. Let’s jump right in.

Why Celebrate? It’s been 5 days.

     Well, it’s not like we have much to do in the first place. This is an opportunity to do something that isn’t school work, scroll through your phone, lay in bed staring at the ceiling, sleeping, playing Animal Crossing, etc. Taking a day, whether it be on the holiday itself or not, to appreciate the Earth and everything it does for us (its parasites) is important. Due to us being in quarantine, the pollution has decreased by such a substantial amount worldwide. You can actually see London’s sky and its blue! I think that is certainly a reason to celebrate, don’t you?

How do I celebrate? (No Allergies)

     For those without spring allergies, your options are w i d e. You could plant a new tree in your backyard. Maybe sit outside for an hour or two and enjoy the nice weather while reading a book or play with your pets or siblings if you have them. Maybe eat vegetable centered dishes, like a nice salad or a wrap. There are many options and you can find some here, here, and here. Another option could be going for a walk, but remember to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart from anyone if you decide to do this. You could also take some chalk and do some sidewalk art.  The activities in the next section are open to you as well. 

How do I celebrate? (With Allergies)

     For those with spring allergies (like me), our options are slightly more limited. You could go through your old clothes and donate those that don’t fit or you don’t wear. Clothing donations would most likely be really appreciated during these trying times. If you enjoy drawing, maybe draw something nature related, be it a cool original character or a lovely landscape. If you enjoy writing, you could write something about the environment or something that revolves around nature. I personally recommend poetry (maybe a haiku). I tried Jasmine tea for the first time (I got some for my birthday because not only am I a tea person, but I wanted to try Uncle Iroh’s favorite tea), so maybe you could try something you’ve been curious about like I did. I also recommend watching nature documentaries and maybe learn something new about the Earth. I highly recommend any documentary by David Attenborough; you can find a number of them on Netflix. On another note, Chris Hemsworth (actor who plays Thor in the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe]), explorers, and journalists from the world put together a new show called Born Wild: The Next Generation, which premiered on Earth day. I’m sure you can find it on demand or on a streaming platform. 

    But, whether you celebrate or not, remember to cherish the Earth and what it does for you. Happy belated Earth day, Holt.

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