Social Distancing: Who’s Doing It?


Morgan Romanski

The CDC has issued a recommendation that everyone wear a cloth face mask while in public, such as bandanas or these that have been made at home.

Morgan Romanski, Writer

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge through the United States, many people are familiar with the phrase “social distancing”. The goal of social distancing is to have as many people stay home as possible to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, are people really heeding this advice in Wentzville?

There are many reasons that people don’t see COVID-19 as a huge threat to life in Wentzville. Some think that they are healthy enough not to contract the virus, and others think that Wentzville has a few to no cases whatsoever. The reality is that neither of these statements are true. 

As of 23 April, Wentzville has reported at 33 positive cases, and St. Charles County has reported 487 positive cases of COVID-19, as well as 24 deaths. Wentzville is a rapidly growing town that sees thousands of new residents every year. The idea that Wentzville is not being affected just is not true. The number of cases here is growing, and it is not going to stop anytime soon if people do not heed the advice of health officials. 

Some may say that they are not sick and will not infect anyone when they go out. Actually, asymptomatic spread is becoming more of an issue with COVID-19, meaning that there are an unknown number of people with the coronavirus that aren’t showing any symptoms and cannot tell that they are sick. 

Some argue that they are healthy enough not to contract the virus and if they do, they will not be seriously ill. The problem with this logic is that while it is true that children and young adults are less likely to be seriously ill from COVID-19, this does not make you any less contagious. The purpose of social distancing is to protect the most vulnerable, such as the elderly and or those with underlying health conditions. You may be safe from becoming extremely sick, but the people at the store with you might not. 

It’s important that these recommendations are taken seriously in order to keep people who are vulnerable safe from COVID-19. If they are not followed, it could cost thousands of lives. 

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