Can Being Quarentined Increase Creativity?


Chloe Gee

DIY masks can be a fun pastime that can serve to be very useful during this time.

Chloe Gee, Writer

For most people during this time, there’s a huge difference between what had previously taken up their time from a day to day and what does now. Whether this be work, school or a sport, people find themselves bored with the massive change or lack of routine. So what do you do when you have nothing to do for large portions of your day? That’s where these projects come in! 

If there’s one thing that this quarantine has proved, it’s that people are incredibly creative beings. The countless challenges and projects such as the #duvetdresschallenge on Instagram (a trend where people use blankets and pillows to design outfits) really prove that with enough time on their hands, people can make some really cool things. So what are some creative things that you can do with all this time on your hands?

One trend that has been circulating is recreating famous paintings with household objects. It could be something as simple, yet stunningly relevant as toilet paper, or it could be more complex, household items that people turn into a near perfect recreation. Whether it be simple or complex, this challenge is something that will surely keep you busy and lift your spirits!

Know how to sew? Don’t know how to sew? Either way, the next project is sure to give you something to do and even help people you know when they go out! When going out, having a face mask is important to not only your health but the health of those around you right now. So making a face mask can, not only be fun, but is easier than ever with several online DIY tutorials! You can make patterns, add decorations and express yourself with something as simple as a face mask. If you’re making a mask to wear out though, it’s important to make sure it can be safely washed and worn.

One thing that is certain is that times are scary right now. The quarantine has proved one very astounding thing, though, and that is how truly amazing and creative the human mind is. By shifting mundane things like blankets and toilet paper into recreations of famous paintings or outfits, people have proven that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that truly amazing things can come out of bad situations.

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