Protesters That Change Everything

Do the majority of Americans believe in Trumps choices?


Do the majority of Americans believe in Trump’s choices?

For the past three weeks, there have been protests around the world. Their demand is to get the leaders of their countries to open back up their countries.  Many world leaders are still commanding that everyone should continue social distancing.

The United States is different. President Trump wants to reopen the country, but health officials are saying things very differently. 

The governors of some states are going against President Trump. Each state knows what is best for their states. President Trump is not concerned that the large gatherings or protesters could spread the disease to others. 

“No, these are people expressing their views. I see who they are and I see the way they are working,” Trump said. 

The country is getting worse everyday.

There are 1,038,490 cases in the United States making that the largest record in the world. 60,000 deaths and 143,117 recovered from this pandemic. 

Experts say, lifting social distancing restrictions too soon could lead to another surge in infections. Prolonging and deepening the impact of the virus. 

“There are not any vaccines or treatments out there to keep people from the Coronavirus. Each and every day there are still people dropping like flies and catching this virus. Opening the country up is a really bad idea. More people are going to be exposed,” Lauren Raney (20’) said.

The question everyone is asking is when will this social distancing end. There is not a solution to that. No one knows what to do anymore. I put my trust in our leaders to bring our world back. All the businesses, movie theaters, bowling alleys and many more awesome places to go have been all closed. A lot of people do not like that decision. 

Health officials might have a solution coming up that will change that. Businesses, schools churches, and many large gathering places might open up.