Teacher Appreciation


Kaia Fischer

Mr. Milhous and Mrs. Cortrecht taken by Thespians.

Kaia Fischer, Writer

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and while we may not be able to pester them with our bright and shining faces like previous years, students who want to can still show their teachers just how much they appreciate them.  Below are some ways to celebrate the hard-working teachers of our school.


Write your teachers an email on how you appreciate them and their hard work. Believe me, it will mean so much to them. 

Write them a letter and then mail it

Seniors, write to the teachers who have impacted you the most. 

Copy and paste a cheesy little poem from wherever you find it on the internet.

Record yourself saying a thank you message! Let them see your face! 

Anything you can think of, spam your teachers with love because if there is one thing people can do during this shutdown, it’s that.