Why Social Distancing is Still Vital


Chloe Gee

Home Depot displays an entrance sign to promote social distancing.

Chloe Gee, Writer

During the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, one practice has been heavily emphasized on citizens and professionals alike. The practice of staying away from and distancing yourself from other people to help stop the spread of a disease.

Since non-essential stores restaurants have been closed, people have worn masks and gloves, some stores even installing walls between the cash registers to promote social distancing. Now that the government is gradually easing into opening up restaurants and public areas, are people still keeping up these social distancing practices?

According to recent flare-ups of the virus, no. Despite the fact that these previously closed places are opening back up, it does not mean that we’re in the clear. In fact, it should urge us to be even more cautious and still social distance so that they stay open.

The flaring up of the virus can be attributed to how isolation has affected people’s minds and mental health. The change of routine and having something like going out, a regular activity for most being now taken out of the equation, people are eager to go back out and get back into the normal routine. What we considered normal before, though, is something that could be dangerous to jump right back into, and could put us right back at square one.

This is why social distancing is still important, to ensure the health and wellbeing of not only us but those around us. The biggest takeaway from this situation should be to be cautious. Use hand sanitizer, be cautious around others, and wipe down things like exercise machines or shopping carts. These seemingly simple things are vital now, and this situation will hopefully serve as a way to tell people that it will always be vital.

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