Little Big Investments


Aspen Deslongchamps, Design Editor

Because of the coronavirus, many countries have been shutting down their economies, which placed many families in a financial crisis. But, even with this negativity, many families and people have been finding other ways to support themselves financially, as well as keeping their mental health and emotional health in check by spreading joy and happiness to those around them.

Sewing machines have been a big investment in America recently. This is because of the making of homemade masks, which can be simple or elaborate to make. Some may find masks to be a burden, while others may see them as a creative outlet. For some artists and families, making masks have been a source of joy for themselves and others, as well as a financial help for them.  Masks can be as plain or as fancy as one would like, and many enjoy making the masks, since they can place their favorite characters, movies, and their favorite things on them. By selling masks, some families have stayed afloat during these troubling times. But for some, it is still just a hobby.

But, the creativity doesn’t just stop with masks. Many people have started to become crafty with anything they can find around the house: such as pipe cleaners, paper plates, old clothing, hair ties, bandannas, strings, and glue. With just some of these items and more, people and just anyone can make anything they want for themselves, their family, or to sell on sites such as eBay or Amazon. 

So, in conclusion, anyone can make anything with various items that can be found around the house. This can help one to feel joy, or to spread joy to others, even while making money during this troubling time. By staying busy and not worrying, making art can be an outlet for anyone who ever tries it. Making masks and doing at home crafts with your family can help one stay happy and afloat in this time. So, what can you make today?

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