MLB Safety Concerns


MLB faces new safety concerns after spectators are injured due to foul balls.

Mitch Terbrock, Writer

The MLB is faced with a bigger problem than the Coronavirus. The MLB has been and still is under scrutiny for their failure to protect fans at games. Last year a 4 year old girl was hospitalized after getting hit by a foul ball. And two years ago a 79 year old was pronounced dead after being hit by a foul ball at Dodger stadium.

Some teams such as the White Socks, Pirates, and Nationals have taken action and surrounded the entire field of play with protective netting. But MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has insisted that it is the teams decision whether they want to install the netting. Many MLB fans are angered by this and feel they are being put in danger by going to MLB games. A small portion of fans across the MLB have returned in their season tickets because of this issue.

Other people are against the netting. They believe it is harder to see the game and is not that big of an issue. MLB players such as Mike Trout and Mookie Betts have expressed their concern about the situation. Mike Trout saying, “I think the MLB should take action, no one shoud have to go a ball game fearing for their life.

The MLB has recently put a proposition to all teams in the MLB to make it mandatory for teams to extend the netting. This proposition is supposed to be agreed on in the upcoming weeks, despite the season being cancelled due to Coronavirus.

If MLB teams do pass this new rule all MLB stadiums across America will have a different look and the MLB will hope fans will get used to the new designed stadiums and realize it is in their best interest as spectators. The players will also have to adapt to the new scenary, as players will have to get used to play in more of an enclosed stadium that may affect and wind which changes the trajectory of the ball. The MLB front office hope all teams will pass this proposition so not other fans will be hurt or have to fear for their life when a foul ball comes there way.

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