Financial Impact of COVID-19


Sports have been affected greatly by COVID 19, and players are being financially.

Mitch Terbrock, Writer

The sports world has come to a halt to due to COVID-19. This has affected many people involved in the sports world. Athletes, owners, managers, and betters have all seen financial blows due to sports crashing.

Athletes are arguably the biggest affected by the pandemic. For players like Lebron James and Mike Trout, sports coming to a stop is not a problem. But for minor league baseball players, NBA rookies, and MLS players, it is going to be a long wait and struggle to find money. 

Many minor league MLB players are left without a job after some organizations like the Cardinals refused to continue to pay their minor leaguers since the league closed down. Some of the blame for this can go to the organization, but a part of the blame should be on the league for not giving the players insurance contracts to help them through the crisis.

Most NBA rookies will not be affected financially from the Coronavirus, as most 1st round players signed huge signing bonuses up to 30 million dollars. But 2nd rounders and minor league players are left jobless without a game check or salary. Many NBA teams have paid their minor leaguers because it is not the biggest roster in sports. It makes sense for the NBA to pay all their rosters as they only have around 30 people in their organization, opposed to the MLB that has over 300 hundred.

The MLS players have seen a major cut in their salaries due to the Coronavirus. The MLS came to an agreement with the Players Association to cut all salaries by 20%. But players are losing most of their money off of game checks. 40$ of MLS players salaries come from playing in the games and earning a game check, without games being played no checks are being handed out.

Everyone is being affected financially, even some professional athletes are going to struggle to make ends meet. The hope is sports will return to play in empty stadiums soon. It won’t be what fans want to see, but it will help the players, organizations, coaches, and scouts out financially.

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