AP Exams During Quarantine


AP Exams are a challenge during COVID-19 quarantine.

Sierra Romanski, Writer

When schools first began to close in mid March, there were a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, many students who had signed up to take AP exams were left confused and unsure. Was the College Board going to cancel the exams? 

Finally, the College Board announced that they were going to continue to issue all of their exams for students, but that everything was going to be done from home. Many students were extremely upset that the College Board thought about continuing to give out their exams instead of just cancelling them.

As exams finally began to roll around and students all over started to take them, many ran into several problems. For instance, students had trouble with their wifi, interruptions from siblings or parents in their household, and glitches where they couldn’t submit their final product. For some, it went just fine, but others were not that lucky.

Most people can agree that still choosing to give out exams during this trying time was a bad move on the College Board’s part. Students feel that they should have just been cancelled and that there should have been some alternativer that was discussed. However, it’s hard to say what the College Board could have done in place of not having any exams.

It’s been an incredibly difficult time with lots of uncertainty and emotions are running high, so there most likely would have been backlash anyway. AP exams are now over and school is finally ending for the semester, so there is a lot of positivity there.

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