Social Skills You Will Need to Relearn After Quarentine


How will you put yourself back out there after quarentine?

Self-isolation has proven to bring out many different conflicting emotions in people. Some people may feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, since they can have some well deserved time to themselves. However, many people either immediately or slowly start to develop feelings of loneliness, grief, and distress from not being able to interact with other human beings. However someone is affected by the quarantine, the one thing that everyone will struggle with once it’s all over is social anxiety.

Feelings of fear and anxiety at the thought of interacting with other people is normal and to be expected after spending so much time by yourself. Even constantly socializing and interacting with your family is not enough to keep you practiced on how to converse with the general public. Of course, you could always behave the way you want to, and it is certain that your friends and loved ones would accept any sort of interaction with you, but it is nice to know how to leave a good impression on people. Here are just a few tips that will come in handy when the time comes to reconnect with people.

Although the current pandemic has brought a sour mood upon the year of 2020 thus far, in order to have a positive and beneficial interaction with someone, you must be positive yourself. It is ok to be upset and vent your feelings, however mulling around in self pity all the time is not the best social device. Take time to think by yourself if you need to, open your mind and think about or even google all of the positive things that have happened this year. Once you bring your own self into a more optimistic mindset, you can focus on bringing light and joy into every conversation and interaction you have.

Another important thing to remember when talking with another person, especially one-on-one, is to keep the conversation steady. Make sure you are listening to what they have to say, and use that to formulate what you want to talk about next. However, you should not be afraid to change the subject if there is something you want to talk about. For any interaction to be enjoyable, both participants should be happy with what is being discussed.

The last, and most important, thing that you should always remember when you are interacting with anyone, is to just be yourself. Talk about your interests, listen and be respective towards other people’s interests, and just enjoy being in the company of someone you care about. It may be hard to remember, since being in isolation comes with many feelings of anxiety and loss of oneself, but as long as you are positive and understanding when communicating with other people, they will want to talk to you too. Just yourself out there, stay positive, and those who really care and like you as you are will be there for you when all of this is over.