Summer Staycation


Adian Kline, Video/Podcast Editor

With online schooling completed, many people are getting ready for the summer, but there is still one problem with it.  Because of restrictions not being fully lifted yet many people have had to cancel going on vacation. It has been said that around half of Americans have already canceled their plans for vacation because of COVID-19. So what is there to do now since most plans have been canceled for most of us. Well, there are a handful of things to do to have your very own staycation.

One thing you can do is visit places virtually. While it is not as great being there, it still gives you somewhat of the allusion of being there. You can go visit museums like the Guggenheim museum in New York or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You can  look at live feeds and watch the many animals in zoos like The Cincinnati Zoo or the San Diego Zoo. You can also look at live feeds of aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium or even the National Aquarium. Lastly, to top everything off, you can explore all of Disney World and even experience some of the rides in a 360 view. 

However, maybe you want to get better at some hobbies or just find other experiences. Well, there is still a lot to do like virtual hangouts with friends. There are things like Netflix Party which is an app where everyone can get together to watch movies together or House Party where you can play multiple mini-games with each other over facetime. There are also many free classes or events to help people improve things, for example if you’re a band person there is a free band camp from Kansas University. If you are a more tech kind of person there are sites like JetBrains and EduCode Academy that can help people learn any kind of coding and many other tech things. There is even one site called Coursera that is offering over 100 different courses on things like writing, photography, animal care and neurobiology. With all of those things it would seem to keep you busy for a while, but maybe you are still feeling that itch to travel which you can, but with some added steps. 

While many people have canceled their plans some are still going but are taking the extra steps to be safe.

¨I’m working on a blueberry farm in Arkansas, so staying home isn’t really an option since I’m working while there but my family and I aren’t going to leave the farm so we don’t want to risk the germs.¨ Isabella Weiler (22) said  

Also if you have some extra money you can own your very own place to self-isolate other than your house.

¨My family is going to Florida to a condo with a private beach area,¨ Aidan Reed (22) said.

So as you can see there are many things to do this summer even when we are locked up or if we take the right steps. The only thing that matters is that you have fun and keep safe during this time.

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