Classes and Sports – Feeling the Effects of Social Distancing


Chloe Gee

A Holt volleyball game, where only family and photography was let in.

Logan Gee, Reporter

As with many things, Covid-19 has taken what we had known and flipped it on its head. Due to safety and sanitary reasons, there’s a lot that needs to be changed and accounted for to minimize contact in schools. But how are some classes handling this? With classes that frequently had contact, and were based solely on touch, how are teachers accounting for social distancing? Can kids still take the classes at all? How about sports with contact?

Certain classes have been scarce, or completely unavailable to kids. Not having classes with valuable or necessary credits to graduate can set kids back quite a bit. “The availability of classes has been a struggle for me because I haven’t started half my classes yet and [they are] crucial credit[s]. I’m worried about my credit acquisitions,” Graham George (‘23) said. Credits are crucial to not only getting into most colleges but to graduating as a whole. With certain classes being completely unavailable for an undisclosed amount of time, this can set kids off course. In another case, however, certain classes can still be taken, but with modifications to the curriculum. 

“We do less cooking at school and more food safety and learning different jargon and cooking methods,” Alison Robertson (‘23) said, regarding the culinary class. Things like this still give the credits for those classes, but it could take away a lot of key elements of said class.

Finally, sports have definitely been affected by the virus. Masks have to be worn on certain teams (or at least in the crowd and during breaks), as well as social distancing one way or another. Obviously with contact sports, though, like football, it gets a little bit more complicated.

“In football, wearing the masks 24-7 has definitely affected us. If we aren’t social distancing, we get in trouble and have to do push-ups,” Sebastian Heathman (22’) said. With sports happening at all, there are some serious modifications to the rules and how much contact could be allowed.

All in all, this virus is bringing up an entirely new world for everyone. Classes, sports, and clubs have to be changed to keep people safe and distanced during this time.