The First Week Back to Holt High School


Rheanna Lewis

The new gym was built, but there is a delay and wasn’t introduced but will be soon.

Rheanna Lewis, Reporter

After five long months of quarantine, having to do online school assignments and to having nothing else to do over the summer break, we are finally back at Holt. August 24th, the school was opened again, but with a twist this time. Instead of going to school every day of the week, it’s split between AA students and BB students. Some are enjoying it, and some despise it.

People were excited to come back and see all their friends again with the exception of wearing masks. Some had high expectations thinking it would be easy but then quickly realized after the first day it was going to be more complicated than thought. Freshmen were even unable to get a tour of the school due to COVID.

AA students went to school Monday and Tuesday and BB students went to school Thursday and Friday. While not at school, students were given online assignments to do. 

“I didn’t like it, It’s horrible,” Tori Hammock (‘23) said. “The schedule is stressful, but at least I had Ernst,” Hammock went on to say. 

The halls quickly filled up as the week went by even with the split between AA and BB students. Friends seeing each other after being stuck at home, and others, not so much. With the split, some friends had shown up different days of the week and were unable to see each other in the new school environment. 

The first week is always exhausting, but for some masks made it worse. 

“School was tiring only after the first day back,” Oriana Bonin (’23) said “I was suffocating in my mask along with how hot the building was, but I liked my teachers.” 

While some people were on level two, some also chose to do online classes to make sure they were safe.

“Online school is pretty boring, but it’s school after all,” Randall Martin (’22) said. “My teachers are great and are making the best of the situation, which is pretty nice. The online learning is a little rough around the edges, but I’m hoping it’ll smooth out over time.”

Martin is one of many who chose online learning to stay safe and still practice social distancing without risks. 

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