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Why We Should Continue Level Two

September 3, 2020


Sophie Meek

In order to maintain social distancing, teachers are staggering setting charts

It is important for our school to continue the use of the level two schedule, because it is safer for the students and staff.

To start this off, St. Louis and St. Charles county has slowly become hot spots for COVID-19, St. Louis county has about 18,700 cases, and over 700 deaths. St. Charles county has around 5,000 cases and 108 deaths.

The main argument against this is that “just because someone is infected doesn’t that they are going to die”, which is very true. But the thing is, we do not know people’s health conditions or their access to health care.

Another main augment that is made is, that more people die from the flu, which is just not true. A little over 20,000 people have died from the flu this year and 183,000 people have died from COVID-19. Not to mention that COVID-19 is way more contagious than the flu.  

It can also be harder to identify than the flu. For example, many people who have had COVID-19 have been asymptomatic, which can cause them to not get tested, which then spreads the virus to more people. 

Finally, our country is doing pretty bad with the virus compared to other countries, which can be seen in a number of ways. A lot of schools in countries like Iceland and Sweden are back to school with normal schedules and no masks. I personally think that we could have been to this point now, as well, if we as a country would have taken action sooner.

However unfortunately, we are not to that point yet, but if we all listen to what the experts are saying, and continue this bell schedule, we just might get to have a normal school year. It has been tough to adjust. We are all facing new challenges, and having to learn in a new way, but we will get through this.

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