All Around The U.S. (COVID-19 Edition)


Austin Fields

Zoe, from the Hazelwood School District, has five virtual days a week.

It’s crazy how 2020 has been through so far as Covid-19.  Holt is one of the few schools that is   going back in person. We all know about our schedule A-L Monday and Tuesday, M-Z Thursday and Friday, and a full virtual day on Wednesday. But have any of you seen what it is like elsewhere.

I have a friend who lives in Dallas, Texas, and she is doing full-on virtual until September 7th. She goes to “Northwest High’ and this is what it’s like for her. “I log on at 9:30 for advisory, Go to 1st/2nd period at 10, go to 3rd period around 11:30, I have extra time because I don’t have a 4th period due to Lunch, I then wait until 1:30 for 5th and 5th and 6th period, I get another break until 3:00 which is 7th and 8th-period starts, and then I have free time the rest of the day. Mind you I have 1-4 and 5-8 on different days”. (Makayla Hardin)

My next friend lives here in St. Louis, however. We both are in different districts and this is her casual day for Online School. “I have 4 class periods each day, 90 minutes. In between my 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th hour we have lunch for 40 minutes, and then we leave at 2:15 and have free time for the rest of the day.” (Zoe Moffitt)

We may not think about it a lot, but this really has taken a toll on everyone. Usually when we say “It has affected everyone” we are really talking about what we heard. I wrote this because I wanted to show in more detail the days in the life of people who are going full virtually, and most people probably think everyone outside this district is able to slack off. But in reality, they are just like us.