Will the Show Go On?


Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion

With so many restrictions put upon school activities, it is very exciting that theatre can still put on a performance.

Kaitlyn Ryberg, Writer

With how this year has been going so far with extra activities, it was a surprise to find out that we will still be having a theater production of some sort this fall. 

“We all really hoped that it would still continue to happen, mainly because the seniors miss theater and we want to finish the year out for them with a theatrical experience,” thespian Hana Scheuermann (‘22) said.

At first, the planned show for this fall was “Matilda”, which will still be happening just not this fall. In its place will be“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Ernest Zulia! The script is based off of a collection of essays by Robert Fulghum. The show is told through storytelling, as we encounter people making their way through and experiencing life, learning what it means to be human.

For auditions this year they will all be videos that students will send in through the Google Classroom. Stage Manager and Tech Crew Applications will be due: September 16th. Audition Videos will be due: September 24th. First Rehearsal: Virtual Read through Sept. 28th. Auditions will be submitted via video recordings to Google Classroom! If auditioning, please submit your video and your audition form together.

“I will upload two choices for monologues for actors to use for their audition as well as tips for creating video auditions. They must choose one of these to audition with,” theatre teacher Andrew Milhous said.

It is a very small cast and crew with only around five to ten total in the cast. This is not meant to deter anyone from auditioning. Milhous encourages anyone interested in being a part of this production to come get the Google Classroom code from him.

“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” will be on November 19 and 20. These are the same dates as the musical would have been, but they have removed the Saturday show. In-person viewing will only be available for family of the cast and crew. For the rest, there will be a way to get a ticket to be able to view it virtually. This is all subject to change as it is pretty far out and no one knows how the world might be. The rules for this production’s viewing are the same as the ones for sports games. 

The musical, “Matilda”,which is still is the show that has been chosen as this year’s musical, is being moved to the Spring. This year has had many wondering how extra activities would be handled but, as far as we know the show will go on.