Great Start for the Indians


Chloe Gee

With a 3-0 start of the season, the Indians are on a roll.

With a 3-0 start, defeating Fort Zumwalt South at home on Friday night 42-21, the football team leads the Gateway South football standings. They beat Jeff City 36-7 in their first game and Fort Zumwalt East 55-13 in their second.

Fort Zumwalt South was their toughest game because they were down at halftime and they had to get out of their heads. 

“At halftime, we went into the locker room and had to get our minds straight,” Cooper Brown (‘22) said.

In the locker room, the coaches have a big influence on the players and, although they are tough, they are also kind hearted and show how much they care about the players.

“They are very nice and lenient,” Nick Hayes (‘21) said

There is not room for too much of that leniency at the practices. They are intense and the 3-0 start has a lot to do with that. They have a stringent work schedule.

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are work days and Thursday is review days for Friday’s game,” Alex Ginnever (‘22) said.

There are a lot of factors that led up to this year’s 3-0 start, but the support both coaches and players give one another is a big one.

 “Working as a team is the biggest factor that has led us to this start,” Colin Bunner (‘22) said.

Austin Bone (’22) believes that the strength of the team comes from focusing on each game, instead of focusing on making the highlight reel. He expects the team to continue to do well as long as they stick together and play as a team.

“The Biggest factor in our 3-0 start is definitely the team camaraderie,” Bone said.

Although the team has a lot of highlights, the biggest one so far is the defeat against Fort Zumwalt South.

“We overcame a lead that Fort Zumwalt South had against us and came out strong the second half,” Bunner said. 

Even though it was pouring rain in the second half, the team persevered through the weather and fought through it and ended up with the win.

“It was hectic and slippery, but the team pulled through it and made some big plays. Richard Meyer (’23) had a big run in the 4th quarter,” Kaden Moore (’23) said.

The team has high expectations for the rest of the season and is hoping to stay healthy and go far. With Coronavirus still being an issue, the players are hoping to finish out their season and continue their winning streak.

“Right now, we’re just trying to stay healthy,” Cooper Brown (‘22) said.

“If we don’t get hurt and stay healthy, I think we will go far. We all need to play our role and focus on our jobs,” Kyle Wuebbling (’22) said.

Some of the players even have higher ambitions than that.

“We want to make history,” Alex Ginnever (‘22) said.

Congratulations to #11 Jackson Smith (’22) (overall), #23 Richard Meyer (’23) (offensive), #8 Kaden Moore (’23)(defensive) and #87 Brayden Burthardt (’23) (special teams) for being selected the Holt Football Players of last Friday’s Game against Fort Zumwalt South.

Their next matchup is an away game at Timberland, who has a record of 1-2. Although the game is on Timberland’s turf, the expectations are for another W.

 “When we play Timberland, our expectations are to win,” Collin Bunner (‘22) said.

The Indians want more than just win. They want to destroy the wolves.

“We want to blow out Timberland and make a statement,” Dallas Winner-Johnson (’23) said.