Masks in Sports


Sydney S

As the volleyball teams wait for their bus to take them to Francis Howell High School for an away game, they keep each other safe by wearing their masks.

Maddie Heuser, Writer

During this troubling time of Corona, athletes are wearing masks to stop the spread during sports. However, some people say that wearing masks could cause harm to the athletes. 

Masks are known to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but what we do not know is how it affects your breathing.

“I think it is important to wear a mask, but they are outside most of the time when they are practicing or playing and the outdoors can be used to their advantage,” Savannah Conway (’22) said.  “They have enough room outside to social distance and if they are practicing in the gym they can social distance, but it is hard enough as it is to breathe in a mask and when they are running around, wearing a mask does not help that. They could get a heat stroke or pass out because they are not getting the amount of oxygen that they need. Wearing a mask forces you to breathe in your own breath, and constantly breathing carbon dioxide is not the best for you.” 

However, some students say that the athletes need to be wearing masks at all times.

“It’s for the best, even though it might make things harder for said athlete,”Jonny Watkins(’23) said. 

Some disagree and others say that athletes can still do their part when they are not playing.

“I think that they should not wear them when they are playing but when they are sitting on the bench they should wear a mask,” Sara Tudor(’20) said. 

According to the CDC, both are correct. Masks should be worn if at all possible, but wearing it in extreme exertion can cause problems. 

“Wear a mask if feasible, especially when it is difficult to stay less than 6 feet apart from other people or indoors, for example in close contact sports such as basketball,” the CDC said.

The most important thing is to keep everyone safe.

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