Safety In Music


Juliana Castellano

Listening to music while doing homework can make it more enjoyable. Photo Credit: Juliana Castellano (’22)

Aspen Deslongchamps, Editor- In- Chief

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an issue all around the world, certain safety precautions such as masks, temperature guns and gloves are strictly enforced in most places. Although these may help to physically prevent sickness, they do not matter when it comes to emotional well-being.

During these times of social distancing and virtual… everything, mental health awareness is something to worry about. Although apps like FaceTime and Snapchat can help people feel together while they are not, it is simply not the same. People require special attention and care.

So, where do people turn to escape this new reality? 

Music has been a way for people to express themselves and daydream for thousands of years. It is especially important now. Music helps our mind relax and reduces anxiety, as well as improving our thinking process and mental health. In this period of social separation, many have developed mental issues and have been combatting them with the power of music. 

Specifically, your favorite song can boost your mood, and classical (or slow) music can increase serotonin levels. This improvement greatly improves your mental health and brain stability, which is very important for those in quarantine. Listening to music also helps you feel not so alone. 

“I have adjusted to the pandemic by accepting that without this, I would not have found some of my new favorite songs and I would not have become closer to some of my friends…I love hanging out with friends and not being able to was so hard, but I overcame it by saying that there will be a time when I can do it again, I can have fun, I can go out, and I can live my life maybe not the same, but I can live.” ”

— Brooklyn Johnston (‘24)

So, while we are all distanced and in need of care, it may be a good idea to listen to music. Whether its Billie Eilish or Carrie Underwood, Queen to Lewis Capaldi; we all could use a little escape from right now, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. But above all else, we have to be there for each other… some things just can’t replace our need for one another.


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