All Around the U.S. (Covid-19 Edition): Online P.E.



Briana Hayles, after class.

One thing I have always wondered about is “How do kids do Online P.E.)” It seems extremely stressful because you’re not in a normal gym. You’re at home. So I’ve interviewed my friend before my since she has Online P.E. she is willing to explain a day in class.

“We begin by completing a warm-up normally on a google doc. Then we do a warm-up workout for about 15 minutes. Depending on a certain subject we do guide notes. Afterward, we do a cardio workout for about 30 minutes. Once we are finished; we get a water break 5 minutes or longer, depending on how quickly the class finishes all the warm-ups 5 minutes before class is over where we do a reflection on the workouts from the day, and then we do a reading on some reading until the class is dismissed. For when we have a test, I’m not sure because It’s virtual. But the pretty much wraps up my days in P.E.,” Zoe Moffit said.

Next, we have someone else who has Online P.E.

“Classes are usually short, about 45 minutes. We start up with are usually warm-ups for about 10 minutes. Then we may do some extra workouts but we usually just take notes and get a paper we have to fill out every week so we actually are doing are workouts. Gym class is about 45-55 minutes depending on what we are learning, but that is a normal day for me in P.E.,” Briana Hayles said.

COVID is such an annoying topic to talk about but I do like the series but like I said I wanted to know what Gym Class. Ever since we came back I and my friends would say how extremely weird it would be to do an online gym. Just for the fact that it’s over facetime.