And It’s Outta Here!!


The now 6-6 Varsity Softball team defeated Fort Zumwalt West, a team currently ranked 3rd in the state.

Aidan May, Sports Editor

Holt’s very own varsity softball team clenched a win last night against Fort Zumwalt West. This was after a 6-run deficit during the first four innings. After a tense game and a tie for the remainder of the game, the varsity girls were able to snatch a win. This was largely due in part to Lexy Smith (’21) hitting a game winning grand slam to win the game. This just further improves a great season leading to a 6-6 record.

Another great all star of this game was pitcher Hannah Gannon (’21) who pitched for all 10 innings. She pitched a total of 148 pitches and went scoreless in 9 of 10 innings.

“I knew I had to face adversity and instead of shutting down I decided to push through,” Gannon said.

This shows the continuous grind of this powerhouse team.

It was a great game for the team statistically. Mari Destifanes (’22) scored two RBI’s and was 2-4 at bat, along with Hannah Gannon also scoring two RBI’s going 2-4. Overall, the batting was pretty solid with Reese Eagan getting a 4-5 at bat. The team also wore purple with their uniforms to spread awareness for Alzheimer’s.

Now this game can go to show just how talented the Varsity softball team is. The stats and the scores really say it all. Can this team manage to keep up the grind and strive for a run for state?

While some of the players are out due to quarantine, they will have to make do with the current roster. Extra hard work and dedication has been put into this because playing with missing players is not easy.

“It’s heartbreaking playing without them,”Gannon said.

If this game winning grand slam is any indication of where this team is going, they are certainly going somewhere promising. If they can continue to dig their feet in and work tirelessly to win and throw in some amazing team chemistry, there is sure to be some promising outcomes for the Lady Indians.