The Annoyance and Necessity of Masks


Leah Huitt

Even some of the classes today are a little too crowded for social distancing, but when Oct. 19 comes, many classes will have every seat filled.

Leah Huitt, Writer

Ever since the school year started, students and staff have been required to wear masks/face coverings due to the global pandemic. It’s been a huge change for everyone and some are finding the requirement annoying and useless whereas some find it extremely helpful to stopping COVID-19.

The staff and student body have been social distancing and wearing masks, but only the masks have been starting up small problems within the school.

My opinion is a mix,” one student said about having to wear a mask throughout the school day. “It’s annoying for me because I have asthma so it’s harder for me to breathe in masks, but I know they are efficient to help stop the spread of COVID. It helps keep myself and others safe.”

Most students have similar opinions, but some have the general idea of either face masks are useless or that they do not help prevent the Coronavirus.

“They don’t completely stop the spread of COVID-19 and are miserable to wear, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them on at all times in public,” another student said. “Anything that can help to slow the spread of the virus is better than nothing.”

Often times students find themselves either purposefully pulling their mask down throughout the day or accidentally having it below their noses without even noticing. Others, however, make sure their mask stays up at all times while on the school premises (excluding their lunch period).

Out of 79 students who replied to a survey, 36% state that “very few times will my mask be below my nose throughout the day.” Another 31% say that they keep their mask up during the entire day. Out of those who answered, 26% say that their mask occasionally falls below their nose, but they make sure it gets back to covering it. The last 5% of those who answered say that their mask is rarely covering their nose or mouth and that their mask is down most of the day.

Some may find it hard to be heard whilst wearing masks or find it even hard to speak in general due to not getting enough oxygen through the mask. Others however are able to speak just fine with a face covering.

Out of those who answered, 69 out of the 79 students find it difficult to be heard and to speak when they’re wearing a mask. The other 10 out of the 79 are able to speak just fine and are able to adjust to the mask situation. Wearing masks is somewhat crucial to keeping everyone at school safe if it stops the spread of the coronavirus at all.