Teachers Talk About the Imminent Change


S Swanson

Students in Mr. Jim Pruitt’s class are socially distancing for now, but on Oct. 19, all the seats will be taken. “While there are inherent challenges to any learning style we do, I’m looking forward to students coming back so that they can grow in their social skills,” Pruitt said.

During this hard time with the pandemic, we are currently on level 2. Education is important for everyone and missing so much school affects students.

This coming October 19, we will be back to school full time five days a week. Let’s look at what some teachers points of view are about this action.

“Five days a week is needed,” softball coach Dean Streed said. “Their life will mostly depend on interpersonal communication skills and honestly there is something they already lack. If we remain ‘safe’, then there should be good efforts put in to getting the students back five days a week.”

On the other hand, some teachers disagree and think we need to be at level 2 or 3.

“Five days a week with everyone here is too risky from a health standpoint until the pandemic is better managed in our area,” science teacher Katherine Tarrants said.

“I do not believe we are ready to move to full five days a week attendance,” science teacher Jennifer Hess said. “Our metrics are too high currently, and although St. Charles County says our positive tests are decreasing, that is because of the current country guidance to not test contacts of positive individuals. That gives us an artificial lower rate. There is no way to appropriately socially distance in this building when all students are here at once.”

According to The Journal, students don’t focus as well when we are going to school a couple days a week. The students do whatever they want over the time they are off. They come back to school not being able to focus or wanting to do any of the school work.

“The kids have disconnected from school by Monday morning after having three days off to play, watch TV, zone out on computer games, stay up late, wander the streets, some getting in trouble, putting less effort into school work,” journalist Greg Taylor said. “They forget last week’s lessons.”

The most important part is that students get the education they need whether that is at level 1, 2, or 3. Time will tell whether going back full time is a good idea.