Eyes On The Prize (Viewer Discretion is Advised)

I’m not a very judgemental person when it comes to political beliefs. Honestly, as long as you’re a good friend I really couldn’t care. What I’m writing about is not about my friends. This is more of me judging some things that have been worn around our school. Recently I have been seeing a lot of Trump Merchandise around our school. At first, it’s very weird; just for the simple fact that you’re in high school, how could possibly know your political beliefs before you’re at least 18. I decided to ask some of my friends have they seen some on the days they come to school and how they feel.

“I haven’t seen any, but I have other places. I think it’s okay that they’re promoting him, but I don’t think it should be okay in a school setting. School isn’t the place to be promoting politicians,” Morgan Romanski (‘23) said.

I honestly feel the same. It’s not a problem for you to support Trump, but I do think you shouldn’t show it a school. Like Morgan said, “It’s okay that they’re promoting him, but I don’t think it should be okay in a school setting”.

Next up, we have another friend of mine.

“I think that everyone should have their opinions and everyone should respect others’ opinions, but wearing merchandise for a political candidate to wear to school. Some people really hate Trump or Biden and wearing the merchandise for the candidate can lead to bullying or harassment from other students,” Kymberly Francis (’23) said.

Even though I only interviewed two kids and I agree with Kymberly because It can cause more drama than needed and people could get seriously mentally or physically. So I do think both Trump and Biden supporters shouldn’t wear the merchandise on school property only outside of school.