Staying Organized


Sophie Meek

Keeping separate notebooks is one way students can help keep track of things.

Sophie Meek

Organization is something that students can struggle with a lot because there are so many things that they have to keep track of. Even with many people choosing to stay online, there are still many assignments and google documents to know when and where to turn in. Staying organized during these times can spell the difference between passing and failing so it is important that students understand how to stay organized and know when work needs to be turned in.

One thing that can get a bit messy is google drive, and there are tons of different docs and slides from many different classes and things from past school years.

“One way that I keep my google drive organized is to make folders for different school years and certain classes if they need them,” Matthew Evans (‘22) said.

Another issue people are having is turning in work late. Even though some teachers are being more lenient with late work, it still is not a very good habit to have.

“I like to set reminders on my phone of what assignments are due when so I don’t forget. It’s helped me a lot,” Layla Carabajal (‘21) said.

Typing things on a virtual planner or on phone reminders does not work for everyone though, studies have shown that you can be less likely to remember something typed rather than things physically written down.

“I usually will hand write notes and things like that in a notebook or planner because it just helps me remember it a lot better,” Isabella Shelton (‘21) said.

Stuff like that can also help in different parts of life, like if someone has a job or a sport or a hobby they need to schedule and keep track of.

Though it can be difficult, it is possible, and that is something that students can forget sometimes because things can get really overwhelming and seem impossible. Taking a bit of time out of the day to organize can make a very positive change in students work and life.