Send Them Home: Homecoming 2020


Derrick Dockett

Aidan May (’22) and Adian Kline (’22) livestream the game.

Aidan May, Sports Editor

Holt’s homecoming game vs. Francis Howell Central ended with a surprising upset last Friday.This was also the first football game streamed by the Holt publications team A back and forth game with each side delivering great plays. As much as the Spartans pushed down the field the Indian defense hit back harder. It ended in a eventual upset for Francis Howell with Holt blowing them out of the water with a 42-0 win making the varsity team leading a 7-1 season.

The first quarter was a huge start for the Indian offense scoring their first touchdown of the game. Cooper Brown (’22) sent it in the end zone with grace making his passing touchdown a new school record at 6. As much as the Spartan offence began to push forward the Indian defence making hit after hit halting their 3rd down drives.

The second quarter was truly a more taxing one. Both defenses were halting each other offense. To further add the amount of penalties rose that quarter with each offense and defense making a few slip ups.  Jackson Smith (’22) kicked it into high gear with him driving a massive amount of yardage. The Spartans did give us a few scares and a couple recovered fumbles

Second half was really a smooth sail for the Indians. The worn out Spartans began to wain and the varsity team did not let up. With a couple more touchdowns and a few surprising plays thew Indians blew out the Spartans with a 42-0 game.

As for where the rest of their season will continue to go. It seems that the gas in the engine of the varsity football team isn’t slowing down. A 7-1 record is a reflection of that. What really could make or break a season is the remaining games. Their next game against Liberty High is on Friday 10/23. If the Indians can push out a few more wins they could easily secure and possibly win a playoff series. The numbers do add up and if the defense can halt a formidable offense. And the offense puts up their consistent scoring numbers. The Indians football team will be a considerable force for a while.