The Debate About The Nightmare Before Christmas


Courtesy of Google Creative Commons

The great debate between whether this is a Halloween or Christmas movie continues.

Sierra Romanski, Writer

Now that Halloween has passed, all of the Halloween movies are being “retired”, except for one. The exception to this rule is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. For a considerable time now, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not “The Nightmare Before Christmas” should be considered a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. For some reason, people seem to be fairly divided on this topic, even though it seems laughable.

Although it seems trivial, people can sometimes be very opinionated on this topic. Some either care too much, or not at all. For those that do care, most come to the consensus that the movie is 100%, without a doubt, a Halloween movie.

“I think because as a kid I used to be scared of it a lot, so that is what makes me feel like it is a Halloween movie. The characters used to terrify me and the concept of the movie seemed dark at the time. Christmas movies usually aren’t supposed to be considered scary,” Morgan Romanski (’23) said.

The other side of the debate is those who believe the movie is actually a Christmas movie. Each side has their own reasons as to why they believe the movie falls under that specific category.

“I think it should be considered a Christmas movie because, in the story, it wasn’t all about Halloween Town itself, but more about making their town into Christmas because they felt that their holiday didn’t make others happy or excited like Christmas did,” Hana Scheuermann (’21) said.

Whatever someone’s opinion may be, it does not stop people all over from enjoying the movie all year round, or in whatever holiday they may prefer. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” will always be an incredible and classic movie and who says that you have to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas for only one holiday?

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