Girls Support Girls


Girls are huddled together, hugging and hyping each other up for their school dance.

Sierra Romanski, Writer

 Society is no stranger to division. Somehow, society finds a way to keep people divided by race, sexuality, class and gender. However, there is not just a divide between boys and girls. There is also a divide between different groups of girls.

Girls are constantly being pinned each other in everything they do. Whether it is the clothes girls wear, or what their interests are, there seems to be a divide. However, the origin of this divide is up for debate.

“For hundreds of years, it’s been the norm for women to “serve” men and even now our society is still made to serve men,” Natalie Triller (’24) said. “Lots of girls I know need male validation and they’ll even “compete” with other girls for it. Plus, there are lots of women with internalized misogyny that hate feminine women for liking feminine things.”

Out of all the different groups of girls that seem to be pinned against each other, most agree that the “alt” girls and the “basic” girls are pinned against each other the most out of all the other different niches.

“I feel like many groups in general are pressed against each other, but I know many alt / indie girls don’t like “basic” girls, they often make fun of them for wearing Brandy Melville and drinking coffee,” Nevaeh Barrett (’23) said. “Many “basic” girls will often attack gothic styled girls, calling them “satanic” and “evil.”

Instead of being so divided, girls need to try and come together. Girls already often face lots of negativity from some men, so coming together and supporting one another can be nothing but beneficial. It is important for girls to have each others backs, so there is no need to be petty and bicker over trivial things like style or hobbies. Girls have to stay together and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

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