Less Than Adequate


Raimond Spekking

In recent weeks the county has been offering free testing.

Aidan May, Sports Editor

As is no shock to the already hardened people who have experienced 2020 COVID-19, shadow looms heavily. In recent weeks cases in especially St. Charles county have been on the rise. This surprised absolutely no one as cases have been fluctuating for months. County executives have been doing the most amount possible to avoid another shut down. But what exactly has already been done?

St. Charles county has been avoiding any sort of long lasting measure and take this with a passive attitude. In recent days the Missouri Department of Transportation has put out signs encouraging people to socially distance and where masks. Which seems like the only drastic step in containing the virus. Testing in Missouri has been relatively stagnant. Recently county executives sent a statement to restaurants and bars encouraging them to be vigilant and prepared as COVID cases spiked. But there was no new restriction or any indication of a plan going forward. Many people such as Brooke Cannon (’22) aren’t surprised at the spike.

“There isn’t a whole lot of safety procedure happening,” Cannon said.

If this continues to happen, it seems as if  the county doesn’t have a clear idea of a plan.

The county has really only one plan to keep cases down and to keep businesses open. A lockdown has been ruled out of the question. The country’s position on lockdowns is that it hasn’t exactly worked out anywhere else. Instead of putting restrictions in place, there have only been recommendations that aren’t enforced. If the current course is continued and cases continue to rise people think a lockdown would be a option.

“It could possibly happen if cases are up like they are now,” Nate Brown (’23) said.

Nonetheless,  compared to some other counties like St.Louis county, St. Charles has been delayed in their reaction. Cases have gone up, but there is no clear plan to try and stop the spike. Whether or not they do produce a plan with the holidays coming around, cases could be likely to go up everywhere. The holly jolly season could be a rough one. But even though there is little in terms of restrictions, the guidelines should be followed in order for a sooner return to a normal.