How Decorations Have Changed


Some holiday decorations in the early 2000s had bright, deep colors like the tree pictured.

Sierra Romanski, Writer

Over time, everything slowly evolves and changes. Trends come and go with anything and holiday decorations are no exception to this rule. Different decorations quickly become popular and sometimes die out after they have gained lots of popularity.

One example of a trend with holiday decorations is the aluminum tree. They were originally manufactured in the 1950s and quickly gained popularity. The remained popular throughout the 60s and 70s, but quickly fell out of fashion. Recently, the aluminum tree has made a comeback in several households throughout America.

Tinsel was also extremely popular during the 1950s. Thousands of families all across America adorned their tree with the flashy, dangling strips of tinsel. Often times, families would simply replace the lights on their tree with tinsel because it was much less of a fire hazard than the lights.

Another type of decoration that rose to popularity but also fell out of style fast were the bubble lights. They were extremely popular in the 40s and became a staple for many trees, but fell out of style as quickly as they became popular.

Knee hugger elves, not to be confused with the elf on the shelf, were also popular during the 60s. Knee hugger elves were simply little novelty elves that sat in the homes of many Americans. They were just little decorations, but are a fond memory for many and remain a nice source of nostalgia.

Different types of ornaments have also come and gone out of style. For example, sugared ornaments and shiny brights were also popular. Sugared ornaments can probably still be found on the trees of grandparents, but shiny brights were mainly found on the aluminum trees, so they are few and far between.

Without a doubt, there are going to be several decorations that are loved now that will eventually fall out of style one day. However, it is still fun to look back on the nostalgia of these old decorations and remember decorating for the holidays with family.

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