Winter Activities


Year 2013, Lake St Louis was hit with heavy snowfall therefore making for great sledding days.

Hana Scheuermann, Reporter

With all the changes during the year. The one exciting change we can look forward to is the season change. With Winter coming fast, and the air getting cold. It’s the perfect time to bring out some cozy winter hobbies and activities to get into the cozy, winter, holiday spirit.  

Although this year has not been very normal. However we can look forward to some type of normalcy as winter comes. As winter and Christmas is a family based season. So we can keep our heads up as Christmas comes along with the snow. 

For many snow can be an energizer, and for others it can be a drag. So it’s a wonder what many who enjoy the snow and dislike the snow do during winter. Either way snow sure does look pretty during the snowy winter season here in Missouri. 

“I love the snow, me and my family especially enjoy it, because it brings us together during the holiday season,” Morgan Dunn (21’) said. “We mainly go sledding in our backyard, but sometimes we go see family out of state.” 

Many other students like Morgan love the snow. It brings families together, and looks beautiful on neighboring lawns. Although many others have more warmer hobbies, that doesn’t involve the snow. Some prefer the more homebound hobbies during the winter months. 

“During winter, I just like to stay inside and watch Christmas movies all day,” Greg Mose (21’) said. “Sledding has never been my favorite, I always end up cold so I prefer to stay inside with my dog and family.” 

All in all, weather staying inside with a warm fireplace. Or enjoying the snowfall outside. All can agree that winter is a magical time. So whatever the activity, wintertime is one season that many should not miss.

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