Ratatousical: The TikTok Sensation

This is the viral cover ot Ratatouille the Musical.

Aspen Deslongchamps, Editor-In-Chief

The social media platform, TikTok, has formed its very own, unique community. Many users like to record dance videos, songs, and many other things. But, who could have known that an entire musical production could be formed? 

Most contributors are Generation Z, who had become bored during the quarantine. Once the idea for a Ratatouille Musical was launched, the “#ratatousical” tag became a trending hashtag. Dance choreography, songs, and even character and costume designs were shared over the platform.  One user even created a puppet for the main character, Remy the rat.

The musical was even featured in an article written by Playbill, which is a huge win for Ratatousical supporters. The musical is designed to highlight and introduce young actresses and actresses, who may not have even performed in front of a big audience before. 

“Please don’t let @Lin-Manuel Miranda within fifty feet of this musical,” a user on Twitter writes on the #ratatousical hashtag, “we want to ensure that the people who designed the play actually gets to bring it to life. They planted the seed, they should watch it grow.”

As the musical gets bigger and bigger, more and more young people begin to share their ideas on TikTok. A cover was made for the musical, which was featured on Playbill because of how high quality it was. 

The supporters of the Rataousical hope to one day see the performance on stage on Broadway, paving a way for other creators as well. As of now, the musical continues to grow and is constantly being added to. Perhaps the Ratatouille Musical will take off one day.

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