Christmas Ornaments and Their Importance

Christmas ornaments have been a tradition for as long as the 16th century.


Chloe Gee

An ornament of a mouse hangs from the Christmas tree.

Chloe Gee, Reporter

From every diverse Christmas tradition, there’s one that is almost universally practiced from family to family. Ornaments, while a pretty basic concept at surface level, have a very deep individual meaning. From ornaments passed down through generations to ornaments that just have a sentimental value, ornaments can be much more powerful than just making your Christmas tree look pretty.

Brooklyn Johnson (24) says this when asked what her ornament means to her. 

“Every year, out of me and my mom’s tradition, we buy a new ornament,” Johnson says. “You get a rush of emotions and remembering certain years and when you got what ornament.” 

The tradition of Christmas ornaments is thought to have originated in 16th century Germany, but the ornaments back then are very different from what we see nowadays. Ornaments don’t even have to have a monumental design to be special, the history behind the ornament is often more powerful than the ornament itself. 

“An ornament my parents got me for Christmas, it’s an angel that says my name,” Vanessa Marshall (24) says when asked if there was an ornament unique to her.”

Sometimes ornaments can serve as a reminder of past times and memories. Oftentimes items are associated with memories, and if an ornament has been a part of your tradition for years, it will hold a special significance.

“My dad collects vintage toys and one year he put out an old G.I Joe in the tree as our ‘tree protector’”, Grace Bancroft (21) says, “it’s become a fun tradition”

Ornaments that are created to fit a specific picture also hold significance, especially if it comes from someone close to you.

“Almost every year, a family friend makes us an ornament depicting the members of our family as different creatures with objects that pertain to our personalities and interests,” Vanessa Jennerjohn (24) says. 

 Christmas is always a time to make and cherish memories, even if it’s gonna look a little different this year. Take some time to pay attention to the ornaments you put up this year and see if it has a special meaning to you.


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