Wonder: Shawn Mendes Album Review


Avery Scanlon, Reporter

On December 4th, the music artist Shawn Mendes relaced his 4th studio album, Wonder. With fourteen songs, two extra songs released in the deluxe edition, and songs with his girlfriend Camila Cabello, who is also a singer-songwriter, and Justian Bieber, this album is huge for the Canadian artist. There was also a documentary that premiered on Netflix on November 23 titled Shawn Mendes: In Wonder.

Ever since the single and title song, Wonder, and teasers for an accompanying music video were released on October 2nd, fans have been ecstatic for the album. His last album, the self-titled Shawn Mendes was released May 25, 2018, which debuted with 142K US sales and 182K total US units. This album is on track to sell 45-75K US copies during December 4-20.

The album has a wide variety of songs, from a fast-paced song like Teach Me How to Love to the slow-passed Can’t Imagine, there is something for everyone. Mendes is really branching out into a new type of music, you can tell that he is discovering who he is as a musician.

Another thing Mendes did was relace a documentary following him on his latest tour Shawn Mendes: The Tour. In the documenter which can be streamed on Netflix, the musician opened up about the struggles of fame from a young age and how this has affected his voice. He also shares how his current relationship with pop star Camila Cabayo has ground him. You also get to see some of the writing processes and it even showed what happened when he had to cancel the São Paulo, Brazil show on the 30th of November due to him not being able to sing.

One very impressive thing about Shawn Mendes is that he took part in writing every song on the album. The 22-year-old even wrote the emotional song Can’t Imagine by himself. The lyrics of the whole album puts a very powerful perspective on topics. One of my favorite lines of the album is “I wonder, when I cry into my hands, I’m conditioned to feel it makes me less of a man” from the title song Wonder. 

In conclusion,Wonder is an amazing album and I would recommend it to anyone that has listened to his previous albums or is looking for new music. This album has such a wide variety and there is something for different music tastes.