Is Christmas Getting Too Commercial?

Christmas is just around the corner, and with the rapid purchasing of gifts and the momentous decorations on each house, it begs the question – is Christmas getting too commercialized?


Chloe Gee

Online or in person, Christmas shopping takes a huge cut of the average Americans’ budget.

Logan Gee, Reporter

Christmastime in nature doesn’t come with no expenses. Gifts have to be purchased and trees are often purchased from stores, but there’s a point in which it becomes questionable. Companies often manipulate this time of year because of the indescribable number of shoppers that this time of year invites. Monumental sales, such as the yearly Black Friday soon after Thanksgiving especially entices shoppers looking to get a good deal on Christmas gifts. 

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much money people go out and spend on something that was supposed to be a single day of celebrating being together with family,” Nicholas Swaringam (21) said.

How much does the average American consumer spend on Christmas, though? Gallup pollster statistics in 2019 have US consumers planning to spend an average of 942 dollars on gifts, and more than one-third say their gifts will reach above a thousand dollars, resulting in one trillion dollars being spent solely on gifts. This, however, does not account for other purchases such as lights and ornaments. 

“Commercials that have not changed from COVID and honestly are recycled from last year for a world where income is tighter and going out is near forbidden,” Travis Wimberly (22) said.

This year particularly presents a unique problem, as well as an opportunity, for online retailers. With plummeting temperatures and a pandemic spreading, online shopping has become especially appealing to many looking to safely shop for their Christmas gifts. 

Optinmonster statistics show that the global online shopping market is expected to hit 4 trillion in 2020, and the US alone is expected to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023. The online shopping market is tremendous, and due to the no-contact services with some that swiftly and nonchalantly deliver gifts, entices more and more people to turn to online shopping and feed into the commercialized nature of this holiday.

“The reason why Christmas became popular in the US was through ruthless advertising.  Sort of ironic,” Wyatt Brewer (21) said.

Christmas is, in nature, a time to spend with family and friends. Many companies, however, turn to hungry shoppers who are eager to justify spending outrageous amounts of cash in the name of the holiday. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get something nice for someone, keep in mind that there’s a limit, and take to heart that Christmas is a time to spend time with loved ones, not to spend money mindlessly.


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