How Early Do People Begin Decorating?


Sierra Romanski, Writer

  • It is different for everyone when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Every family decides to start decorating for the holidays at different points. There are usually two types of people: those who decorate right after Halloween and those who decorate after Thanksgiving.

For those that decorate after Halloween, it is usually because they are either extremely excited for the holiday, or because of other reasons. Some of these reasons might include things involving family or just because they do not want to rush it. “We usually start decorating earlier because we like to enjoy the holiday fully and not rush anything. There’s no fun in rushing one the best holidays out there. I also love decorating with my family because we put on Christmas music and sometimes bake, so it is a big deal for all of us. We have so much fun doing it that I look forward to it every year and we might rush to get to it because of our excitement. Plus, there is so much to put up, it’s pointless to only leave it up for 25 days. Why not longer?”Hana Scheuermann (‘21) said.

A lot of others feel the same way about decorating early. However, those who do decorate after Thanksgiving have a very different opinion on the matter. “I always wait to decorate after Thanksgiving because a lot of people overlook Thanksgiving and just focus on Christmas, which is annoying. I also think that if you decorate too early, the holiday loses its specialness,”Morgan Romanski (‘23) said.

Whatever the case may be, people can still decorate whenever they want. It obviously does not hurt anyone, but people still have strong opinions on it. Many find it strange when others decorate early, but it just means they can enjoy the holiday just a little bit longer.

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