Discovery Through the Challenges


Leah Huitt

Leah Huitt(24) focuses on virtual school work to maintain her grades.

There have been so many negatives and positives for me in 2020. It has been my hardest year to deal with yet. I have learned a lot of things that can help me succeed more but I also have the challenge of applying them to my life.

I managed to struggle through finishing 8th grade virtually and then having most of my first half of freshman year online and at home. It can get extremely challenging to communicate with teachers and my peers during online school and that has taught me that I need to speak up more. If I have a problem I usually wait until someone else has the same problem and THAT’S when i say something about it whenever I should be speaking about my problems as soon as I discover them.

I have also learned some ways to deal with my stress and figure out things to help me when I’m anxious. I deal with a lot of stress and it is not just from school and it can get really challenging personally to get rid of the stress. For me, some of these things are sports, talking to those who are close to me, or just shutting off my computer. It is not the best idea but it helps a little bit. 

This past year has taught me that I do not need a lot of friends and people to be close to, I just need ones that I know actually care and will be there for me. I learned to stop associating myself with people that bring my mental health and wellbeing down. I have gained new friends and people to get close to that have my back this year and I know to keep them by my side.

2020 had definitely been a struggle for me, whether it was dealing with school, sports, or people. I still tried to stay positive and help my friends and loved ones when needed. I am hoping that 2021 will be a better year for me to progress in school and in sports.