Ice Cream from a Not So Far off City


Renee Weichselbaum

The Main Street Creamery has many specialty shakes, such as the Cowboy, the Grasshopper and the Gooey

Leah Huitt, Writer

Not too many people know this, but there is a small little ice cream shop located in Washington, Missouri known as the Main Street Creamery. This little store is known for their crazy shakes with names like the “Gooey” which is a gooey-butter cake ice cream shake and the “Grasshopper”, which is a mint and chocolate shake. One of the best parts about it is you even get to keep your ice cream mug for no extra cost.

Most people do not know of the creamery because nobody really travels to Washington as it is a small town with not much to do. Those that do know of the place though have all loved it. Reviews from Grubhub say that 98% of people enjoyed the food. The Main Street Creamery has very nice decorations and when you walk into the shop you get an unavoidable ice cream aroma that everybody knows and loves.

I personally went there recently and was not disappointed at all. The ice cream was amazing and so was the service. I could not finish my shake but still kept drinking it anyway it was just that good.

“The Gooey shake was very delicious and whenever I walked into the ice cream shop all I could smell were all the treats they had,” Serena Landry(’24) said.

If you were to look up the shop, you would be able to tell that the majority of the reviews are excellent and that the people have good things to say.

So as you can see, the Main Street Creamery seems like a pretty big deal for ice cream. Whether you are going for their crazy shakes or just for a scoop or two of ice cream, you will definitely be pleased by that little ice cream shop in that little city.