Subathon Galore

As Twitch streaming is popular, creator Ludwig has been able to grow exponentially in the streaming category.

Created by Lauren Johnson

As Twitch streaming is popular, creator Ludwig has been able to grow exponentially in the streaming category.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Ludwig Ahgren, or more commonly known as “Ludwig” has set the goal beyond the bar by releasing his Christmas album, “A Very Mogul Christmas” back in 2020, to now being mentioned frequently throughout social media apps. The streamer set a sub-goal to do a subathon and is now stuck in what seems like a never-ending livestream.

Twitch streamers have the ability to set subscription goals that can result in anything. Those subscription goals can be subathons, merch reveal, horror games, or ordering something online. 

When a subathon takes place, every sub increases the time of the stream, where it will delay when the stream ends. On March 14, Ludwig chose to do a subathon that was originally supposed to add 20 seconds for every new subscriber, when he woke up, there were 28 hours that remained for his stream. 

Ludwig mentioned that he thought the subathon would only last a day or two, however, it has been increasing ever since. The stream has been going on for 25 days now, and is still currently happening.

He has donated so much of the income from the stream to charity,” Andrew Frecks (‘22) said. “That when he was discussing the financial aspect of the stream, he could not help but smile when he got to the total that was being donated.

Ludwig has said before the subathon started that the maximum number of days the streams will stay up to is 31 days.

The creator has been able to surpass expectations as he is now currently the top streamer of Twitch with over 210K subscribers. He is still managing to gain subscribers frequently as they take part in to not letting the stream end.

“What he has done has probably influenced others to work hard like he has so they can get to where he is currently,” Britney Thake (‘23) said.

On TwitchTracker for all-time sub-record, Ludwig is currently second right behind Ninja with a difference of 54K subscribers apart. 

Currently, the creator was known partly among the Twitch community, but word of his subathon happening has been heard more frequently. Many of his subscribers and new subscribers try to increase the stream by subbing and donating bits in order for it to not end. 

“A few weeks before the stream started is when his name was getting tossed around more frequently, he has grown exponentially since then,” Frecks said.

Different streamers that stream a variety of content have encouraged viewers to subscribe to him and give him support.

Ludwig’s subathon has consisted of different content which includes medishare, sleeping streams, working out on stream, showering on stream, and cooking streams. All footage of him in the last 25 days has been live-streamed constantly, and he still enjoys what he is doing.

“He’s doing what he loves to do and how he wakes up every day shows it,” Frecks said.

The creator still manages to remain happy knowing the aftermath of where the money goes, even though he has been live-streamed constantly. 

Currently, the streamer has been live for 25 days, as the maximum number of days he set is 31. There is no telling if the stream will end earlier or end exactly on 31 days. 

The stream has officially ended on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Ludwig currently has over 278k subscribers, now beating Ninja’s record. The subathon lasted a total of 30 days.

Ludwig has said at the end of the subathon, “The subs kept the subathon going, at any point they could have ended the stream.”

Toward Ludwig’s experience and view on how the subathon went, he stated, “I think it was great, I really enjoyed this experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me.”