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The band plays for the judges to try earn the score of a exemplary rating.

Music Involved

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
April 5, 2022
Although today marks the first day of summer for seniors, summer is right around the corner for everyone else.

Summer Awaits

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
May 21, 2021
This is the bands first concert since 2019, which leaves the crowd in excitement.

Time to Shine

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
May 14, 2021
Gender equality has been improving in recent years, as the Equal Rights Amendment is still waiting to be ratified.

Equality Analysis

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
April 19, 2021
As Twitch streaming is popular, creator Ludwig has been able to grow exponentially in the streaming category.

Subathon Galore

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
April 9, 2021
As Burger Kings tweet, has portrayed negative effects, many have different views on the tweet.

Misogynistic or Bad Humor?

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
March 16, 2021
Twitch has started to gain mass popularity throughout 2020, and is still continuing to do so.

Twitch Following

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
February 26, 2021
During the last week, Wentzville has gotten a cumulative of snow.

Snow Cumulates: Power Outage

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
February 23, 2021
The Dream SMP continues to gain mass popularity with their interesting roleplays.

Dream SMP: Gone Global

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
February 8, 2021
As Minecraft gained popularity, so did the aspects of players ideas.

The Downfall to the Pinnacle

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
January 28, 2021
Many students have different ideas on what 2021 will look like.

2021: The Prognosticate

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
December 21, 2020
Sarah Fuller is the first woman to play in the Power 5 college football game.

A New Possibility

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
November 30, 2020
As students go to all virtual learning, their ability to learn will change.

Virtual Learning: Level Three

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
November 20, 2020
During 2020, many events have happened, some bad and some good.

2020: The Aftermath

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
November 6, 2020
For students taking finals this year, be prepared to study.

Behind Winter Break: The Finals

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
October 23, 2020
When going out for Halloween, follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

The Halloween To Remember

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
October 20, 2020
With the new uprising game Among Us, it can be played on PC and mobile.

The Game That Saved 2020

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
September 21, 2020
If you chose virtual learning, you will always be doing your school work online.

Is Virtual Learning Worth It?

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
September 14, 2020
With homework involved, switching from virtual to in schooling can be hard.

Is Virtual Happening Soon?

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor
August 31, 2020
Patience is very important within a family, but some families can lose it.

Is Patience Gone?

Lauren Johnson, Writer
May 18, 2020
Rock, paper, scissors is a game played worldwide by many.

RPS Shoot!

Lauren Johnson, Writer
May 7, 2020
Nurses/ Doctors all around the world risk their lives for people with the coronavirus.

A Hero Must Rise Up

Lauren Johnson, Writer
April 27, 2020
What students look forward to most at this time is to be able to sleep in.

School Pandemic

Lauren Johnson, Writer
April 18, 2020
Students look forward to a new game releasing very soon.

A Forgotten Game

Lauren Johnson, Writer
April 10, 2020
A student looks at their geometry homework with questions.


Lauren Johnson, Writer
March 26, 2020
Students working on their school work over the long break.

Online Complications

Lauren Johnson, Writer
March 16, 2020
Trying to help the koalas in Australia, two teenage cousins rescue several.

To The Rescue

Lauren Johnson, Writer
January 14, 2020
The trash in the ocean collects in the creek in Huntsdale neighborhood

A Plastic Cataclysmic

Lauren Johnson, Writer
December 20, 2019
This healthy meal, consisting of an apple and a salad, is this considered healthy?

A Change YOU Can Make

Lauren Johnson, Writer
November 7, 2019
A jaguar looks into the distance waiting for his prey.

The Doltish Incident

Lauren Johnson, Contributor
March 15, 2019
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