A Hero Must Rise Up


Lauren Johnson

Nurses/ Doctors all around the world risk their lives for people with the coronavirus.

Ever since the Coronavirus started to spread, doctors and nurses had to take precautions knowing that this could be more worse than the flu. There have been more than 2 million confirmed cases, and it soon is going to be 3 million cases.

With doctors and nurses risking their lives to help others, do they know what could happen to them?

“It is brave. However, yes it is risking their lives, but many know their stakes are not as high as a lot of other patients, and know how to take care of themselves while dealing with it. Especially younger ones. One even bought a camper so as to completely shut themselves out from their family to protect them,” Travis Wimberely (‘22) said.

With Coronavirus being more severe than the flu, has this changed any people’s dream job to be a doctor or nurse?

“I feel thankful that there are people who want to be doctors. I feel the same way I did about doctors before Corona happened. They do all this schooling to help people so they prepare themselves for this,” Brandon Truong (‘21) said.

Nurses and doctors are definitely stressed out due to the Coronavirus and probably have no time to contact their families.

“I think it is hard on both of them and their families, especially since we have “protestors” protesting lockdowns and social distancing orders,” Lilly Swafford (‘21) said.

There are nurses and doctors out there who are risking their lives for the people who have caught the Coronavirus, and they themselves could possibly catch it.

“I have seen several videos in which nurses and doctors just sit there and cry about their situation, because they are just so broken over all they have to deal with. I know that some of them are actually getting help, but a lot of them do not have time to get help or they feel a responsibility to stay strong for everyone else,” Ruthan King (‘21) said.

With all of these heroes rising up to help during this pandemic, it is important that we show our gratitude and do our part in helping to keep the virus from spreading further.