The Ambition for Leading Careers


Lauren Johnson

Grace Fugate, Michael Lutes and Jacob Teater have high hopes for their future.

It is a new year which means senior graduation. After senior graduation comes the career path. Either seniors know what they are going to do for a career or they have not decided yet. Besides all that, it is summer as well.

Why would you want a job when you can just relax? It comes a certain age when jobs are necessary. Jobs enable you to afford things you want or need. Everyone has to start out with some job, even if it is not the greatest.

We have our hopes in doing something we will enjoy. Not all students at Holt have the ideal job as other students. Based on a survey, many seniors have different jobs.

Whether it ranges from a low-paying job to a high-paying job, it is best if the job is something they want to do. According to senior Jacob Teater, he just wants to make an impact as a Superintendent of Human Resources at a school district. “Interviewing and selecting the teachers who are educating the next generation. I want teachers to provide an education that extends passed the four classroom walks and have a maximum level of impact on students,” said Teater.

There are so many options in one industry. One of those industries Grace Fugate wants to go into, is clothing. “I would love to run a thrift store, but not just any thrift store. I love clothing and finding what I like to call “gold” from thrift stores. I want to run one that focuses on vintage brands from the 70’s through the 90’s,” said Fugate (’19).

There will be those jobs that are perfect because they can to relate to them. According to Michael Lutes, he wants to be a Professional Sports Performance Psychologist so he can make others feel better and discover themselves as an individual. “I want to go into this field and specific job because I personally have struggled with my own mental issues within baseball. I wish I had more people around me to help support me and get me back up on my feet.  I have always loved to help other people around me. If I could stick around baseball and help players become the best version of themselves and love playing the game, that is all I would not,” said Lutes (’19).

There are the chances of anything happening from now and into the future. Keep doing positive acts, because those acts will help you along the way.