Is Virtual Learning Worth It?


Lauren Johnson

If you chose virtual learning, you will always be doing your school work online.

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor

To someone who is doing in-person learning and to someone who is doing full virtual learning, the assignments will surely be different. Whether it is lessons, learning new things, tests and/or assignments.

Junior Emma Golz is one of the few hundreds from our school that is doing full virtual learning. For someone doing only virtual learning, it could be getting very boring not to be able to see your teachers or your peers. Golz explains how she treats her boredom.

“I try to distract myself with something fun, whether it is playing with my cats to playing video games,” Golz said. These are very fun activities to do to not be bored.

There are many different reasons people chose to do full virtual learning whether it is better focus or keeping your family safe. Golz explains why she chose to do full virtual learning.

“I chose to do full virtual learning to keep my family safe, because they are at high risk for Covid-19,” Golz said. This is a very valid reason to not do in-person learning, to keep your family safe.

For virtual learning and in-person learning, the assignments and tests are assigned somewhat differently. For in-person learning, you would be taking a test at school, while someone who is doing full virtual learning would be taking the test online at home.

With the school year just starting up, this is a new style of learning for all students and teachers. Some students are doing virtual learning while the rest is doing in-person learning. Golz explains how virtual learning is going so far for her.

“Virtual learning is going quite excellent as of now, I’m getting my assignments turned in on time, and I have so much time to do my work,” Golz said. For someone doing virtual learning, having a lot of time to do their work is good. 

While doing virtual learning there must be some things those students miss about in-person learning, whether it is meeting their friends, talking at lunch tables, and participating in activities. Golz states her view on missing her favorite things.

“I miss a lot about in-person learning, talking to my friends in person, along with participating in football games, but I rather would keep my family safe than sorry,” Golz said. These are accurate things to miss about in-person learning. 

Whether you chose to do virtual learning or in-person learning, both sides have different opinions on why they chose to do what they wanted.