To The Rescue


Lauren Johnson

Trying to help the koalas in Australia, two teenage cousins rescue several.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

The Australian forest is burning. Millions of species are injured and even dying. On Tuesday, January 7 2020, two teenage cousins rescued a carload of inured koalas and drove them to safety. 

One of the cousins mentioned in the video, “Doing a little koala rescue… Just trying to collect as many live ones as we can,” one of the young teenagers states.

Across many platforms, both big and small influencers have even tried to help out with the Australian fires, such as Shawn Mendes, the Misfits, Keemstar, etc. and even cartoonists.

Sophomore Jacob Nelson explains the positive things these influencers are doing. 

“People have donated money and cloth pouches for the bats and other animals to live in so they don’t die because their habitats are burning down. Also, many Well-known YouTubers have brought it up to raise awareness about it,” Nelson said.

With all the animals that have died in Australia, many volunteers from all over the world are coming down to Australia to help. Sophomore Gina Saso tells the input of volunteers.

“I’ve seen people help some animals by tossing them into their cars and get them to safety and I’ve heard that US firefighter volunteers have gone there to start helping,” Saso said.

Even though Australia is its own country, there is other events going on, such as WWIII possibly happening. Nelson states that the US government bought weapons and will not even put a penny toward the cause.

“It’s extremely sad. We need to take our minds off of unimportant disputes and instead, as a nation, focus on helping Australia with everything they’re going through. The US government has spent 3 trillion on weapons in less than a minute; they cannot say we don’t have the money to help at least a little bit,” Nelson said.

What the two brave young teenagers did has traveled all over the media. Even though we do not live in Australia, we can still help. If you have the chance to, please donate toward Australia because all animals deserve a rescue.