School Pandemic


Lauren Johnson

What students look forward to most at this time is to be able to sleep in.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

With the recent news from Wentzville R-IV School District, many students think summer has come early. School is now closed until August. This is an unfortunate event for the graduating seniors. However, they will be graduating in July.

With receiving the news, many students are wondering what they will be doing during the summertime.

Sleep in, hopefully get a lot of cleaning and painting done, and play a lot of Animal Crossing,” Alexis Mette (‘21) said. 

Others are wondering if their work plans for the summer will be changed.

“Stay at home….I was supposed to go work on a farm during the summer, which I was really looking forward to, but Corona and the current freezing weather called that off. I would go see my friends, but my brother has some really severe respiratory issues, and my mom and grandma are both at higher risk, so we can’t afford to bring something back,” Isabella Weiler (‘22) said.

There are different views on what school will look like in August.

“If people will stay home and social distance like they should be, I’d say we’ll be going back in August. If people continue to keep going out unnecessarily then school might not be open in August as well,” Raegan Huitt (‘23) said. 

then there are those who are concerned that people will be afraid to go back even if the school board and government allow it.

“Things will probably start off a bit more cautiously, but as long as things are over with by July, I think it’ll be fine,” Isabella Weiler (‘22) said. 

There are mixed results of students who are glad that we are not returning to school until August and students who are sad about it.

No, I understand the situation and why we cannot return, but it’s still sad I won’t be able to finish the year with my classmates and friends,“ Kaitlyn Snikes (‘21) said.

“Yes and no. I love online school because I get to wake up later, do my work at my own pace, and not stress about it lowering my grade. But I do want to be at school to see my friends again,” Jacob Nelson (‘22) said.

If everyone does what they are supposed to do, we will most likely be back in August. However, anything can happen.